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Luxury hunting: the train-driven bird hunting experience

Hop onto an exciting eight-day journey of thrilling hunting experiences and fascinating game drives around some of South Africa’s most beautiful safaris. Rovos Hunting Safari has specially designed a railway trip to accommodate those who enjoy hunting activities, touring and safari drives.

The trip commences at the Rovos Rail Station in Pretoria and leads to many opportunities for guests to explore the western expanses of South Africa. Here is a breakdown of what’s in store during the adventurous eight-day journey.


Day one and two: Mareetsane and Mafikeng Reserve

The trip is off to a great start. This magical escape begins at the Rovos Rail Station, where the guests will receive a presentation on field protocol. From the base, the journey continues to Mareetsane and Kameel for two full days of hunting and shooting in the veld. During these two days, non-hunters will enjoy safari game drives at the Mafikeng Reserve, which has approximately 2000 game birds. These birds are easy to see, as the terrain of the game reserve is flat.

Day three: Kameel

This exciting journey continues to the western region of the North West Province, where the plan is to spend a full day of hunting and shooting in the Kameel area. This is also where guests will enjoy lunch. Other than being out on the field, the non-hunters are welcome to go on a safari drive in the same region. The itinerary for non-hunters includes visiting the Anglo-Boer War sites, viewing wild animals, as well as fascinating archaeological discoveries.


Day four: Warrenton

The trip just gets better as it reaches the fourth day. For the hunters, the day includes hunting in the region of Warrenton, where they will also have lunch. While the hunters are in the wild, the non-hunters venture to the diamond fields, approximately 61 kilometres north of Kimberly. Aside from the diamond fields, they will visit the McGregor Museum. At midday, the non-hunters pause for lunch at the Protea Hotel. Next on the itinerary, the non-hunters visit the William Humphreys Gallery, which is a notable cultural oasis.


Day five and six: Exploring Kimberly

On the fifth day of the journey, the itinerary breaks from the norm, as all guests on board venture on exploring attractions in Kimberly further. These attractions include the Diamond Mine Museum, the Big Hole and Wintershoek. Guests have a spectacular lunch at the Kimberly Club and have the opportunity to bond with each other. The showstopper is at the end of the day, when the guests spend an evening around the fire for a traditional barbeque, better known as a braai by South Africans.

The exploration of Kimberly continues into day six of the trip. Gamebird shooters have a full day set out in Kimberly. While the hunters enjoy these adventurous activities, the non-hunters will revel in a safari drive in the Mattanu Private Game Reserve, which is located approximately 50 kilometres northwest of Kimberly.


Day seven: Kloofeind

Before heading back to the Rovos Rail Station, day seven consists of one last full day of hunting in the Kloofeind area. The non-hunters tour Bloemfontein and visit the Anglo-Boer War Museum and other monuments in the area. Lunch will be served at Emoya. Also included, non-hunters will visit a cheetah breeding facility for a close interaction with wildcats.

Day eight: Return

Before the journey reaches its end, guests will enjoy a breakfast before the train’s arrival at the Rovos Rail Station in Pretoria.

Luxury hunting – a journey awaits

Aside from the hunting, shooting and touring, there are many opportunities to view the mesmerising scenery along the trip, sample the incredible food on board and meet plenty of new people.

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