Winter food and wine pairings to keep your palate toasty

Winter is coming, they say, and gone are the days of fresh seafood and light curry paired with crisp Chenin Blanc and fruity Sauvignon. Whet your palates, and raise your wine glasses – these winter food and wine pairings are ready to blow you away, whether you’re just dining at home or treating yourself to dinner at a restaurant.

Chicken Mushroom Stroganoff & Merlot

chicken mushroom creamy stroganoff pasta

A creamy chicken stroganoff (preferably with bacon and chanterelle mushrooms) is a light yet hearty winter meal. Pair with a sombre merlot that has gentle tannins for an unforgettable flavour combination.

Steak & Pinotage

pan fried steak with rosemary and sea salt

When in doubt about dinner, go with pan-seared steak with sea salt and black pepper. A dark, fruity Pinotage will make the ideal accompaniment to the saltiness.


Pea and Ham soup with Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio

Pea and ham soup with bread

Soups are notoriously difficult to pair with wines, but don’t be put off. Creamy, heavy soups like the classic pea and ham are best tempered with a medium – to high-acid white, like a crisp Pinot Grigio or icy Chablis.


Roast Lamb with Rosemary & Syrah (Shiraz)

roast lamb with rosemary

Nothing can quite chase away the winter blues like a good roast. The subtlety of the lamb and clear, round notes of the rosemary will create the perfect baseline to add a spicy, rounded Shiraz.


White wine drinkers – do not despair. Winter does not mean the abolishment of light white wines, but allows the opportunity for pairing with heavier, creamier dishes such as soups and rich sauces. For more ways of staying warm with your wine, find out how to cook with red wine in winter.


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