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Wine hacks every savvy wine lover should know

Wine has been the boon of many a stressed out individual for generations while winemakers are constantly creating astounding vintages. The wine lover is also at the forefront, finding new ways to enjoy wine for everyone else. Here a few wine hacks that every wine lover should know.

Never waste wine again

In the unlikely event you may have wine leftover from a dinner party or get together, you can always use it for cooking. Ensure your leftover wine is kept fresh by freezing it in ice trays. This ensures easy-to-use little frozen cubes of flavour to drop into whatever delicious stew or casserole you’re making.

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Bellini in a hurry

This tip is sure to impress your friends, especially in summer. Bellinis are known for being refreshing fruit and sparkling wine spritzers, often served in champagne glasses. Here’s how to make your own:

  • Mix equal parts fruit juice, sparkling water and white wine into a glass or pitcher if you’re making for more than one person.

Et voila! Now you can make a bellini anywhere; be it a picnic in the park or at a braai with friends.

De-cork your wine easily

Because we’re not all wine connoisseurs (and sometimes it’s an old bottle), we sometimes end up leaving bits of cork in the wine by accident. An easy way to get cork bits out of the wine without having to dip your fingers into it, is to use a coffee filter. Filter the wine into a carafe, drain and enjoy your wine without any nasty surprises.

Get your wine chilled quickly

If you’re pressed for time or the store only had your wine brand on the shelf, simply wrap up your bottle of wine in a towel and place it in the freezer. It should get cold much quicker. Just don’t forget it and take it out after 15 minutes.

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Wrap your wine snug and safe but don’t forget it unless you want a wine slushy. Photo: Twitter

Switch to frozen grapes

Did you know instead of putting ice in your white wine, frozen grapes are better? They don’t dilute the wine, taste delicious and keep your wine cool.

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Now you’re clued up on how to get the most out of your wine drinking experience, find yourself the next perfect one to drink. We suggest trying Nederburg wines, one of the Cape Winelands’ oldest and most prestigious estates.


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