Vital business travel tips from the professionals

There’s nothing worse than travelling for business and experiencing a less than smooth trip. There are certain travel hacks that can help you travel free from stress and ensure you are in top shape for tackling your work schedule. We found out some of these from the travel insiders:

Stick to your routine as much as possible

Richard Fowler, media personality and host of the liberal talk radio program, The Richard Fowler Show, says that travelling shouldn’t be an excuse to deviate from your routine. Travelling takes up a lot of our physical and mental energy which, when ignore our routine, can make us unhealthy and unproductive in the long run.

Dos and Don’ts from Fowler

  • Don’t skip breakfast – always eat before a flight
  • Don’t grab chips or sandwiches at the airport
  • Do eat nuts, oats with honey or fresh fruit and yoghurt
  • Do stay hydrated and only drink bottled water.

Drinking water is the most important as the pressurised cabin and dry, recirculated air are the enemies of hydration, which can also lower blood pressure. So keep drinking water!

Stay in accommodation tailored to business

The last thing you want is to be disturbed by rowdy neighbours or clubs throbbing with music at 2am. That’s why picking a suitable, reliable place to stay when you’re away on business is vital, not only for the benefit of your trip, but for future stays. The Capital in Joburg and now in Cape Town, is ideal for both short and long term stays and provides travellers with the best in luxury, including in-room dining, complimentary uncapped high speed Wi-Fi, HD satellite television, complimentary parking and scheduled shuttles.

Don’t forget your passport

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many travellers have found themselves at the gate without their passports, having left them in the hotel safe. Scott McCartney, writer of travel column, The Middle Seat, in the Wall Street Journal, has a nifty trick to guard against this mishap. He suggests leaving one of your shoes in the safe with the passport.

That way, when you are getting ready in the morning, you have to go get your shoe to put on and remember it’s in the safe with the passport. He also suggests printing your boarding pass ahead of time.

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Safeguard your luggage

Lost luggage is a common gripe amongst frequent travellers and can ruin a trip if a bag is lost or something is stolen.

Decorate your suitcase

McCartney says that your luggage should be customised so you can easily recognise it among the crowd. If your bag is a common style, you should tie a ribbon around it or decorate in some way so that you can recognise it easily.

Put the name tag inside the bag

McCartney advises to put a name tag inside and outside your bag. If your luggage does get lost and the outside tag is somehow removed, the airline can look inside and make sure it’s yours.

Keep valuables on you

Bags are all X-rayed when they are checked in, meaning anyone can see what’s inside. McCartney says you should never pack valuables into bags you’re checking in. Things like iPads, laptops or expensive jewellery should be on your person.

Make sure you always look presentable

Armed with these sage pieces of advice, you can always be on top form when you travel, anywhere and anytime.



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