shark cage diving safety tips

Shark cage diving: The must-know safety tips

While shark cage diving is considered one of the most extreme underwater activities in the world, it’s extremely safe one, provided you listen to your instructors and stick to the rules. The safety precautions are in place to keep you protected at all times while underwater, so it’s essential that you respect them every minute of your shark cage diving experience. Remember these four safety guidelines if you’re planning an exhilarating shark encounter.

shark cage diving

Entering the cage

It might seem like a simple task to do: just jump into the cage and get on with the session, right? Well, not quite. There are guidelines you need to follow before getting in and out the cage. For example, you need to enter the cage with caution by using the “controlled seated technique”. In the seated position, use your hands for grip as you enter the cage. This technique should also be used when getting out of the cage. It’s the safest option and will help you avoid injury considering it can be very awkward getting in and out of the cage.

Camera equipment

How can you experience one of the most thrilling adventures without documenting it? To avoid harm during your cage diving session, first enter the cage without your camera and then have someone pass your photographic equipment to you. This method is also advised when exiting the cage, so you will hand your camera to someone above before you attempt to get out. In doing this, you’re able to focus solely on your entry and exit without having to worry about what your camera, something that should help you avoid injury. You will also eliminate the chance of dropping any equipment in the cage as you get in and out.

shark cage diving

Maintaining your balance inside the cage

You may not think about having to balance while inside the cage, but, unfortunately, it’s something you should consider. To avoid injury and disturbing the other divers, always use at least one hand to hold onto the cage. This is to help you keep steady during the cage diving process and avoid knocking into  others in the cage. The more steady you are, the more you’ll be able to fully enjoy your underwater experience.

Keep your body inside the cage at all times

Yes, this might be an obvious safety tip too, but some seem to miss the importance of it. At all times, you need to ensure that all body parts remain inside the cage. It’s there to protect you but can only be fully effective if you keep your entire body inside.

shark cage diving

A thrilling adventure for sure, shark cage diving is considered to be one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can ever have and one that is sure to be remembered forever. It’s vital that you enjoy a safe experience so avoid any irresponsible actions that may jeopardise that. We hope that besides your excitement, these four simple safety guidelines remain front and centre of your mind before (and during) you embark on this experience of a lifetime. Happy diving!

shark cage diving

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