NGOs to get involved with during your stay in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is far from the cold, concrete jungle it’s made out to be. The Capital Hotel, one of Johannesburg’s leading hotels based in the financial hub, often hosts businesspeople from around the world who are not only focused on monetary gain but are also determined to feed their philanthropic souls.

The City of Johannesburg has developed strong relationships with its local NGOs, who in turn are playing vital roles in aiding women and young children, wildlife, those who are in medical need, as well as disadvantaged communities. If you’re visiting Joburg for business, and have a few hours to spare; have a look at these nearby NGOs that are sure to steal your philanthropic heart.

Afrika Tikkun –

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With a strong mission to invest in education and health for today’s youth, Afrika Tikkun works toward “a future where today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s productive citizens”. By adopting a ”cradle-to-career” strategy, they are able to establish a firm foundation in the development of children in disadvantaged communities , from early infancy through to their teenage years and eventually when they enter the working world. Their core programmes focus on an overall outcome of developing responsible citizens who are able to find appropriate jobs.

Association for Autism –


“The current statistics of autism worldwide indicates that the number of children diagnosed with autism is one in every 100″

~ L. Jacklin (2011)

There are currently no statistics available in South Africa, as many communities are not aware of the genetic disability or disabilities in general, and thus the need for The Association for Autism is so strong. Initiated in 1978, The Association for Autism (AFA) has various centres which not only aim to engage communities in Autism awareness, but also offers centres with fulltime residential care for adults with autism.  AFA also founded “Project Mpho” in 2011, which is a community-based project taking place in Mamelodi, Pretoria. AFA offers Autism information training, awareness and rallies within the community and also provides clinics, nursery schools and support groups for parents.  Project Mpho was created when the family of a young child with autism (Mpho), approached AFA and asked for training and information about autism to be shared in the local community, which had previously victimised Mpho due to ignorance regarding Autism.


Hippo Water Roller Project –

Hyppo Water Roller

We are currently experiencing a global water crisis and in most developing countries, and disadvantaged communities, individuals are forced to carry heavy loads of water for long distances.  The Hippo Water Roller is a simple and efficient way to collect a lot more water, in less time. Specifically designed for use in rough rural conditions, The Hippo Water Roller directly empowers women and children and also results in a variety of social benefits. On the 18th of July, the annual Mandela Day Hippo Roller Challenge will aim to distribute 4,489 Hippo Water Rollers.




 The Cancer Association of South Africa is the county’s leading non-profit organization with the main purpose of pioneering the fight against cancer in South Africa.  CANSA provides a unique integrated service to the general public and invests more than R12 million a year to enable research, educate the public and provide support to all people affected by cancer. In turn, CANSA adopts the research into its health and education programmes. There are also a number of CANSA Care Centres which offer a wide variety of support services to those affected by cancer, CANSA care homes for out of town cancer patients and CANSA-TLC lodging for the family of young children who are undergoing treatment.


Jewels of Hope  –


“Southern Africa faces an increasing orphan crisis due to the HIV and AIDS pandemic, with thousands of parentless children facing desperate life situations every day.”  – Jewels of Hope

Founded in 2004, Jewels of Hope began as a support group to young children, from child-headed households, who were creating jewellery to support themselves. This model has been adapted and extended thanks to partnerships around South Africa. With a vision to transform vulnerable children into leading and successful citizens, Jewels of Hope provides a solution for young children that empowers them to build a future for themselves.  Jewels of Hope serves vulnerable children by aiding in the design of marketable jewellery, sourcing and purchasing raw materials, preparing bead kits, providing training, a stable mentor and discipleship.



Make the most of your stay in the City of Gold by contacting these non-governmental organizations and giving back to the community by volunteering your time.


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