Here’s how you can learn to drink brandy

While the exact date of the discovery of brandy is unknown, we do know that the name derives from the Dutch word brandewijn, which means “burnt wine.” Most brandies are made by applying heat to wine, which could explain the reason behind its name. The history of brandy contributes to the drinking experience, as the added knowledge brings understanding and direction to what you should taste, such as flavours and delicate aromas. Here is our guide to drink brandy.

Choose how you like your brandy

There’s no right or wrong way to drink your brandy.The best way to determine your preference is to try brandy neat and mixed for your first time. If it’s your first time, you may find that drinking it neat could be overwhelming, instead start off with a mixed brandy drink. This guide is about finding a way that works best for you: neat or mixed.

Neat: To drink your brandy “neat” means that the drink is served without adding other ingredients, such as ice and water. This, to brandy connoisseurs, is the best way to drink brandy. However, everyone has their preference on how to enjoy the drink.

Mixed: Drinking your brandy mixed is an introduction to those who do not quite yet have the acquired taste for it . You could add ice, water, or other beverages to ease yourself into the brandy tasting experience.


Know the specifics

Here are a couple of specific pointers that will contribute to the experience. Use it as a guide to enjoying your brandy.

Choose the correct glass: Just like wine, your brandy should be served in a glass with a narrow rim and broad base. This allows the brandy to air and releases its flavours and aromas.

Pour and serve immediately: While wine and brandy are similar, brandy should be drunk immediately, unlike wine which can be left uncorked on a table. Once you have poured your brandy ensure that you drink it soon, as allowing it to stand outside too long will result in a loss of character and evaporation of the volatile alcohol.

Don’t swirl: You’ve probably seen people swirl their brandy before taking a sip. Swirling isn’t a good idea if you want your brandy to retain its delicate flavours and aromas.

Nose first: Once your brandy has been poured, the next step is to gently take a sniff .This allows you to appreciate the subtle fruity and woody aromas which usually include plum, peaches, apples, and oak.

Small sips: After you’ve inhaled the brandy’s aromas, take a sip and allow the brandy to mellow on your tongue before you swallow. If you’re new to brandy and not quite ready to fully immerse yourself in the drink, wet your lips with the drink first to ease yourself into the brandy appreciation process.


Some advice before choosing a bottle of brandy

Like whisky, brandy is distilled in oak barrels from anything between three and twenty years before it reaches maturation. If you’re a novice brandy drinker, perhaps you’d prefer starting with a young brandy.


Forget about price

Factors, such as brand influence, and the price of a product can sway your purchasing decision. We all know that the best things in life cost a little more, so concentrate on what you enjoy and appreciate rather than the price of the brandy.


It’s clear that there is more to brandy than what is advertised. Considering the process of distillation to when it is poured into your glass, one could definitely say that brandy is a work of art. So, to appreciate a well-deserved glass of brandy, use the guide above to discover, savour and appreciate the craft of brandy drinking.

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