How to be the perfect gentleman

How to be the perfect gentleman

Take off that stretched, faded t-shirt and those frumpy slacks, and then go wash your face and shave. Splash some cool cologne around your neck and brush your hair. It’s time to take an interest in how you look and how you present yourself, so consider today the first step towards becoming the perfect gentleman.

Take care of your personal appearance

No matter how handsome you think you are, don’t let that stop you from working on your personal appearance regularly. A gentleman is generally dressed smartly, irrespective of his stature in society. A well-dressed man reflects pride and a healthy attitude, and he hardly ever follows fashion fads – he’s the one setting them. A gentleman is always sure to iron his clothes and polish his shoes – there’s no point in dressing smartly if your clothes are wrinkled and your shoes are scuffed. Remember to trim your beard and moustache if you’re growing one and if you prefer a smooth face, be sure to keep stubble away by shaving often.

How to be the perfect gentleman

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Always practise good hygiene

It has to be said that bad body odour and less-than-fresh breath are not exactly the biggest turn-ons. Make sure to shower or bath every day, preferably at night and in the morning, and keep deodorant or cologne at hand throughout the day in case you need to freshen up. Good hygiene is not only imperative for being a gentleman, but it also enhances your self-esteem and mood.

How to be the perfect gentleman.

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Be considerate

A gentleman is never rude or inconsiderate to others. He doesn’t cut lines, steal taxis from others, make rude remarks in queues, lose patience or swear.  On the contrary, a true gentleman always holds doors open for others. He’s considerate in that he allows others in front of him at the grocery store, if they have fewer items to pay for, and as far as ladies go, a true gentleman treats them like gold. Another important tip, which most men don’t tend to think about, is that when walking side-by-side with a lady, they need to make sure they walk closest to the curb, to protect her from danger.

How to be the perfect gentleman.

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A gentleman is chivalrous

Almost every woman is waiting for Superman to swoop in and sweep her off her feet, so now’s your chance to be a gentleman and show her that chivalry is not dead. If you notice your lady friend shivering from the cold, offer her your jacket. If she approaches a table to sit down, gently draw her chair out, and slowly push her chair back in as she sits down. This may seem old-fashioned, but ladies still appreciate chivalry and remember: never underestimate the power of small gestures – it is, after all, the little things that count.

How to be the perfect gentleman.

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A gentleman is kind

Win the ladies over by showing you have a heart and that you understand there are people who are less fortunate than yourself. It’s unkind to talk down to people – treat everyone kindly and address people with a soft, respectful tone. Ladies seldom enjoy the company of men who belittle others, or who think they are superior to others. Displaying thoughtfulness and a caring nature are important aspects of behaving in a gentlemanly manner – kindness and humility are key.

How to be the perfect gentleman.

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A gentleman is punctual

It isn’t considered good manners to keep a lady waiting (or anyone else for that matter) – if you’re not early, then you are definitely late. Traffic jams and other unforeseen delays should be factored into your time, so in most cases, it’s probably safer to give yourself ample time to get to where you’re going. If, on the other hand, she’s late, don’t draw attention to it, and if she asks how long you’ve been waiting for her, simply reply: “Not long at all.”

How to be the perfect gentleman.

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  1. MsBilli

    Terrific article. If I might, there is also something to be said about the art of conversation. I refer to the ability to speak ( reasonably ) well on a few topics. Being a good listener, and thereby able to ask questions. Lastly, when a topic is becoming a bit too controversial, allow the subject to be changed before it’s combative.
    Mind, your well written article can be applied to girls/ women wishing to be ladies…. whom gentlemen prefer to spend time.

    • Ninette Minnaar

      Thank you for the lovely compliment, you’ve made my day! I have to agree with you, if someone can’t hold a conversation then no amount of grooming, manners or attractiveness will compensate for the lack of communication and social skills. It’s something I find quite common lately especially among my peers. People have become so glued to their phones that communicating face to face has become challenging for some.

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