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Fulfil your African dream with these luxury safaris

A recent poll on Google+ asking fellow travellers which African country they would most like to visit for a safari holiday showed most people are primarily interested in South Africa. As a proud South African, I have chosen to share the details of three star-quality lodges that travellers to South Africa should experience if they wish to immerse themselves in a true African safari feeling.

Londolozi Tree Camp

It all started with a campfire amidst the roaring of lions, chirping of crickets, croaking of frogs and the scent of the bushveld. Londolozi, which means “To Protect” in Zulu, was aptly named by the Varty and Taylor families who first decided to protect all fauna and flora. In its true notion of conservation, this beautiful wildlife-rich wilderness is a sanctuary for both humans and animals to thrive in perfect harmony. Eighty-six years have passed with Londolozi receiving guests, dignitaries and royalty from all over the world who come to enjoy the wilderness. It’s no surprise that it’s a sought-after destination among tourists; the accommodation and facilities are impressive. Tourists can choose from five camps, each exuding its distinctive charm and splendour. Sheltered in the treetops of leadwood trees and perched upon sturdy wooden beams, suites open out onto a spacious veranda decked with tables and chairs that invite guests to sip sundowners and to survey this ancient land where leopards laze in trees and elephants slurp water from the river below.

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Londolozi’s famed leopards.

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Up in the trees, you can enjoy sumptuous meals.

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When the day is done, you’ll find yourself curling up in this comfy bed.

Find more about a safari to Londolozi.

Singita Boulders Lodge

Set along the banks of the Sand River within the Sabi Sand Reserve, Singita Boulders Lodge celebrates tranquillity, space and light. Inspired by the natural boulders of the surrounding landscape and without severe intrusion from man, Singita was built in perfect harmony with nature. Here, it is in the spirit of “do no harm” that one finds seamless integration with the authentic African landscape and the needs of humankind. Those who stay at Singita Boulders Lodge are encouraged to live the “African dream” by embarking on guided game drives and unwinding at the luxurious Bush Spa.

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Lions abound at Singita will ensure you get the best pictures.

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Dining in the bush is a special occasion every night.

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Mornings are made magical by the landscape you will wake up to.

Go on a safari to Singita.

Tintswalo Safari Lodge

In the Shangaan language, Tintswalo means “the intangible feeling of love, gratitude and peace bestowed upon someone offering you a meaningful and worthy gift.” What a beautiful and fitting name to bestow upon the lodge because it evokes a feeling of love and gratitude in every soul fortunate enough to experience this unspoiled South African gem. Located within the Manyeleti Private Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, this exquisite safari lodge rests at the foot of an ancient sycamore tree grove overlooking a river abundant in wildlife and bird activity. Six private suites, each with their own private plunge pool and deck, overlook a watering hole, so there’s no need to leave your luxurious space to witness the wonder of African wild animals.

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Watering hole mornings ensure a great deal of animal activity.

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Relax with only the serenity of nature around you.

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Protected by mosquito nets, you will enjoy slumber on a soft, downy bed.

Go on safari to Tintswalo.


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