Four reasons why Amarula Cream should be the star this Festive Season

The Festive Season is a time for giving, not to mention the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with those we hold dear. Filled with plenty of food, laughter and celebrations, there’s good reason why cheer is the order of the day. It is indeed a special time and one we all look forward to all year long, but just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better, you throw an old, famous friend into the mix and the level of cheer seems to get bumped up a notch…or three! As if you needed another reason to include this gem in any merriment, here are four reasons why Amarula Cream should be the star of your celebrations this Festive Season.

It’s Festive Season snacks’ best friend

Mince pies, Christmas cake and cookies are just a few of the yummies synonymous with the Festive Season. It has to be said that no proper celebration is complete without a ridiculous amount of food and tasty snacks – and this time of year is no different. Whilst the fare might be fantastic in its own right, it’s what you decide to pair with it can make all the difference: enter Amarula. When it comes to all the sweet treats commonly served during the Festive Season, nothing makes a better accompaniment than a glass of Amarula Cream on the rocks – get ready to experience a match made in heaven.

Christmas snacks

It makes the perfect gift

There’s nothing like the thrill of choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in your life, but making the decision can be difficult too. With so many amazing gift options to choose from, it can be quite an overwhelming process. Why not keep things simple and delicious this Festive Season by gifting people with a bottle of the best? There’s no way it won’t be put to good use and if you’re really lucky, that bottle will be cracked open right after Christmas lunch. In short: Amarula is the perfect gift for that person who enjoys the finer things in life.

It goes down a treat as the ideal after-dinner drink

You’re all feeling beyond stuffed post-indulgent Christmas Eve feast and you’re convinced that you’re never going to eat again – this is a common scene in most homes during this time of year. Sometimes all we need at this point in the evening is a little bit of help to get us through that post-meal slump. Amarula Cream is that ideal digestif, not only assisting with the digestion, but also giving our taste-buds the pick-me-up they need. Its creaminess rounds off your eating experience in the most perfect way, with the delightful marula fruit flavour satisfying even the fussiest of palates. No matter how full people may feel, there’s almost no chance of them saying no to a tot of Amarula on the rocks.

It changes an average dessert from good to great

In many ways, Amarula Cream is that secret ingredient that every dessert craves. Its unique flavour effortlessly elevates a boring dessert to a culinary masterpiece. So if you’re looking to impress your guests, be sure to include some of this creamy magic in at least one of the desserts on the menu. There are so many wonderful recipes out there in which Amarula is the star, so why not wow everyone with a dessert with a difference this year? Your guests will thank you.

Amarula cheesecake

Non-bake Amarula cheesecake bliss

Ever-reliable and always delicious, it’s really no wonder why Amarula Cream is a South African favourite all year round. Make your Festive Season an extra cheery one this year by showcasing this famous drink in one way or more – it won’t disappoint.


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