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Recipes to keep you warm on a chilly European evening

Other than snuggling indoors, and drinking several cups of hot chocolate without judgement, there are many comfort food suitable to warm you up during the chilly European evenings when you’re enjoying a white Christmas. Here are ten European dishes to try this winter:

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The Netherlands – Hutspot and other classics

The Hutspot, consisting of potatoes, onions, and carrots, is a traditional Dutch dish. The ingredients are mixed, boiled and mashed together making it the perfect warm dish for that European winter’s day. Pair this dish with a portion of meat and you have a complete meal. Other Dutch classics range from cheeses to pancakes. Irresistible, classic Dutch dishes include stroopwafel cookies, chocolate sprinkled bread and deep-fried meatballs accompanied by mustard. Nevertheless, the Dutch have a few food habits in common with the world such as fries dipped in mayo, craft beers, and one of the most popular liquorice.

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Traditional Dutch dish, Hutspot – source:

Belgium – Moules-Frites

Moules-Frites is known as mussels and fries to English speakers and is one of the most popular dishes in Belgium. Although no one knows the official origin of this dish, as several countries have claimed the dish as theirs, Moules-Frites is still a popular and classic dish in Belgium.

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Moules-Frites – source:

Greece: Moussaka

A dish originally from Greece, Moussaka is a decadent, oven casserole dish of meat and vegetables. However, most locals add ingredients such as cheese, eggplant slices and a scrumptious béchamel sauce to top it off.

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Greek Moussaka – source:

Germany: Sauerbraten

A classic German dish, the Sauerbraten of succulent beef is one not to miss. The beef is marinated in a mixture of vinegar, onions, peppercorns, and other seasonings prior to being cooked. Often potatoes and gravy company the meat.

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German Sauerbraten dish – source:

Hungary: Hungarian Goulash

A suited dish for the winter season, the Hungarian Goulash is a stew or soup comprising of beef, vegetables and spices. Praised for its flavour, this hearty meal is complemented with side dishes such as the Souper Pasta.

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Hungarian Goulash dish – source:

Switzerland: Cheese Fondue

A meal many can’t resist, the cheese fondue is melted cheese served in a caquelon. The dish is usually used as a dip, and is served with one’s favourite bread or vegetables. The warm goodness of the melted cheese with your favourite bread is the perfect meal for groups during a social event.

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Cheese Fondue – source:

Poland: Bigos

Who can deny a tasty stew on a winter’s day? Unique to Poland, the Bigos is a stew made with meat (pork, beef, or veal), cabbage and herbs that include sweet paprika, pepper and parsley. Even so, don’t let the simple ingredients fool you as the meat and herbs of the dish intensifies its flavour, which is certain to have you asking for a second plate. Often, mashed potatoes or rye bread accompanies the dish.

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Bigos – Source:

Italy: Pizza

A phenomenon all of the world, pizza belongs to Italy. Since it has many toppings to choose from, it’s one of the most loved Italian dishes. Primarily, all pizzas are made with a flat bread base (made of dough), a spread of tomato puree, and melted mozzarella toppings. Although the world has transformed the dish according to personal preference, Italians usually serve the dish with fish, vegetables, or meat.

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Italian pizza source:

France: Onion soup

Ironically, the French onion soup is most popular outside the country; however, this is still a classic belonging to France. Not only is the soup ideal for when it’s cold outside, it’s easy to cook. Depending on your taste, you can alter the dish by trying the many variations of the French recipe.

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French onion soup – source:

Austria: Wiener schnitzel

A thin slice of veal that is breaded, fried and garnished, the Austrian Wiener Schnitzel is the national dish of Austria. Serve this dish with vegetables or fries and you have a fulfilling meal.

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Weiner Schnitzel – source:

Travel the world with these meals

No longer does winter mean that you only stay indoors and keep warm, with these dishes you can travel the world within the comfort of your kitchen. With that said, there is no doubt that these dishes will give your festive season menu the oomph it needs.

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