Eight basic flying rules for the business traveller

Travelling for business means that you’re always planning and scheduling. From finding the right corporate-friendly accommodation to ensuring you know where to go and when, it can become another job in itself. However, the flight shouldn’t be overlooked. In transit, remember to stick to the rules of the flight and ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

  1. Don’t over pack

Before you have even left home, ensure that your bag won’t be overweight. This costs extra and just causes delays in your travel time. A gripe many airlines have is that passengers try to take large carry-ons onto the flight and don’t want to check them in. The solution: pack one bag and check it in. Then keep your valuables in a suitably-sized carry on.

  1. Help people who are struggling with bags

Sometimes we need an extra hand to get bags into those pesky overhead compartments. Make sure you aid flight attendants or other passengers if they’re struggling with bags so that the flight can move smoothly.

  1. Check before reclining

You may want to get some shut-eye or relax. That’s perfectly natural, but do make sure no one behind you has food or a laptop on their tray table before reclining.

  1. Don’t use your digital devices on loud

Respect passengers by using earphones or putting the device on silent – a plane is a communal space and some people may want peace and quiet.

  1. Try not to pack any aromatic lunches

Without windows that can be opened, a plane can trap smells – especially pungent ones. Many horror stories have come from airlines about passengers who are fond of packing lunches that have tuna or eggs in them. Rather stick to sandwiches that won’t draw attention to you! Another tip is to stay away from hot soup – you don’t want to spill on yourself during turbulence.

  1. Make peace with the weak Wi-Fi

If you’re on a busy flight, the Wi-Fi will be slow. You can purchase an

  1. Be vigilant of cologne or perfume

As mentioned, the plane’s sealed interior encloses odours. So be careful when spritzing on cologne, deodorant or perfume before you board or in the bathroom.

  1. Ask the flight attendants to help if you experience difficult passengers

While you may want to resolve any issues you may have on your own, any situation involving another passenger should be handled through the correct channels. Therefore, discreetly ask the flight attendant to help you with whatever you need (and don’t forget to thank them!).

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