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Easy ways to use liqueur in summer desserts

When it comes to summertime, nothing is more satisfying than a cold, sweet treat at the end of a long day of lounging by the pool. Certain desserts like malva pudding just won’t fly in the summertime sun, but luckily there are plenty of other alternatives to enjoy during the warmer weather – and they all happen to pair really well with Amarula. Take a look at a few of our favourite combinations below.

Chocolate brownies with ice cream

Chocolate brownies are a dessert for every season. If you’re using a box mix, replace the oil with Amarula. Bake them as you usually would, and then add a generous scoop of ice cream to them when serving. Depending on the flavour of the ice cream you choose, you may wish to drizzle some more Amarula over it before serving. Our flavour recommendation: vanilla.

Amarula trifle

Everyone loves trifle and just because the Festive Season is over doesn’t mean we can’t still indulge. Layer slices of sponge cake in a trifle dish and then add lashings of Amarula. Let that soak before adding sliced apricots and a layer of whipped cream. To finish, generously garnish it with chocolate shavings and almond pieces for a supreme indulgence.


Strawberries and cream

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like the smell of fresh strawberries. Prepare your berries as you would usually do, but then instead of adding just ordinary whipped cream, fold some Amarula into it before serving – absolutely delicious.



Who doesn’t enjoy a good milkshake every now and then? The next time you make one at home, why not add a tot of Amarula to your concoction before mixing it up? Flavours like chocolate, caramel, vanilla and banoffee will complement the liqueur beautifully.


It’s good to treat yourself to a delectable dessert every now and then – they make life that much sweeter. Take your summertime desserts to new heights with a liqueur, Amarula being our favourite. Enjoy!


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