The top pick of romantic movies to watch on Netflix now

Have no clue what you’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry; we have you covered with our top five romantic movies to watch with your partner. All that is required is a big bag of popcorn and your favourite drink as you prepare for a romantic evening in. Have fun lovebirds!

Leap Year (2010)

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Character Amy Brady is keen on taking her relationship to the next level by tying the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy. Frustrated that Jeremy hasn’t proposed, Amy decides to take matters into her own hands by traveling to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day. Watch how the experiences and challenges that occur along her way, changes her life forever.

The Lake House (2006)

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A classic romantic movie, The Lake House will surely captivate your heart. The storyline follows a lonely doctor who receives and exchanges letters with the former resident of her lakeside home, a frustrated architect. How the story unfolds for these two strangers will definitely pull at your heartstrings.

Bridget Jones’s diary (2001)

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A movie has yet to exceed the level of humour and romance that viewers experience when watching Bridget Jones’s Diary. The movie focuses on an average woman fighting against the clock, her weight, her career, and the lack of romance in her life. As a New Year’s resolution, character Bridget Jones decides to take control of her life by keeping a diary that will allow her to be completely honest about her life. Add the attention of her scandalous boss, a group of eccentric friends and an acquaintance that she secretly finds attractive into one pool – and you’ll have 90 odd minutes of laughter, tears and heart-warming moments.

While you were sleeping (1995)

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When her life only consists of working every day and living with a cat, Lucy finds herself filled with constant loneliness. This all changes when she saves the life of a man, Peter. Despite her brave effort, Peter ends up in a temporary coma. Being the person that she is, Lucy sticks around at the hospital to ensure that his condition is stable, only to meet his family who mistakenly believes that she is his girlfriend. The story takes a twist when she meets Peter’s brother.  Watch as these two strangers become lovers under unusual circumstances.

Adventureland (2009)

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An unusual movie, Adventureland, steers away from the typical 90’s romance storyline. Follow the journey of James Brennan as his dreams of exploring Europe for the summer is shattered by his parents who decide to give James a career shock. This results in him having to find a job at Adventureland, a local amusement park. Enjoy how unexpectedly love seeps into his life.

Chasing Amy (1997)

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Comic artist, Holden McNeil owns a studio with his best friend of 20 years, Banky Edwards. For most of their working hours and evenings, the two spend a great deal of time together. This all changes when Holden meets Alyssa who is also a comic artist and falls in love. In no time, Holden has to deal with Banky’s jealousy and his love for Alyssa, who has a secret that could dampen the chances of a romantic relationship.

Love Actually (2003)

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Set in London a few days before Christmas, the lives of eight diverse couples facing the challenges of their love lives, become loosely interrelated. This movie contains various relationship scenarios that anyone can relate to and learn from.

Notting Hill (1999)

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Notting Hill has all the elements for the ultimate romantic viewing pleasure. Follow how the ordinary life of a bookstore owner changes when he meets one of the most famous film stars in the world. In a series of events, the two cross paths, which leads to many romantic moments. However, as most love stories go, they face many challenges that test whether their relationship can stand the test of their different lifestyles.

Often when love is in the air expectations are usually high. Even so, there is no need to stress, as there are movies on Netflix with enough romance to last you until next Valentine’s Day. Follow our guide to the above-listed movies while enjoying the company of your loved one and your favourite snacks!

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