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5 Ways to Be the Best Dinner Guest Ever

You’ve watched in horror how guests misbehave on the cooking show Come Dine with Me, and the only reason you continue to watch (in disbelief) is for the love of the narrator’s comedic commentary. But now you’ve been invited to a dinner party and dread the thought that you’ll behave like the guests on Come Dine with Me. The typical advice to be yourself isn’t enough encouragement to help make the night a success. Be it a formal or casual event; use our not-so-typical guide to be the best guest at any dinner party.

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1. Don’t be on time

Unless your host is the super prepared type (those people actually exist), it wouldn’t be a good idea to promptly pitch up at the arranged time. Usually, before guests arrive, the host hurriedly does the last preparations and so it is expected that he/she isn’t fully prepared at arrival time. Be a champ and arrive a little later, 15 minutes at the latest, though, as any time after that would be considered impolite.

2. Bring a small gift.

It is an unwritten rule that you should never arrive at a dinner party empty-handed. It is customary to bring a bottle of your favourite drink to a dinner party. Choose a drink such as Amarula Cream, which will impress your host and the other guests. A drink like Amarula can be used in recipes for meals, desserts, and cocktails. Whatever it is that you decide to bring to the dinner party, know that your host will definitely notice your effort and appreciate the gesture.

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3. Make a toast

A great way to show appreciation is by making a toast during dinner. It does not matter if someone has done it before you; it’s always great to do a toast of your own. Ensure that your toast is genuine. If you have no clue what to say, the best is complimenting the great cooking and hosting, as well as ending off on a sweet note by offering to refill the host’s glass.

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4. Ignore your phone

We all know it’s a problem. We check our phones at least five to seven times within an hour. Or should I say the best of us try to stick to the minimum? No matter how busy you may be, do the right thing by putting your digital world into your pocket and ignoring it for the night. This should apply for all types of dinner parties. In the case of an emergency like checking in with your babysitter, consider excusing yourself to check your phone.

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5. Show enthusiasm and gratitude.

Your attitude contributes to the mood in the room and how other guests will interact with you. Ensure that you socialise and display enthusiasm for the food and conversation at the table. The host will appreciate it and consider inviting you to the next dinner party.

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Attending a dinner party can feel a little intimidating if you’re socially awkward or find it challenging to interact with large groups with such open dialogue. Follow the above guideline and you’ll be well on your way to taking the title as the rockstar guest.

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