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5 things you can do at the V&A Waterfront that you may have missed

Often we visit the V&A Waterfront and repeat the same routine time and time again: park our cars, head for the shopping centre and go for lunch or watch a movie. Here are a few things you can do to fully explore what the V&A Waterfront has to offer – you’ll be surprised by how much you’re missing out on.

  1. Visit the Watershed

The Watershed is a benchmark in local retail, proving that the V&A Waterfront is tapped into what trends and experience consumers are looking for. The space is airy and open, with terrifically high ceilings and sunny yellow splashes of décor, enhanced by the natural light.

Over 150 retailers reside in the space, each offering a unique product including ceramics, genuine leather goods and furniture. In and amongst the retail, you can expect to see coffee shops, live music and entertainment. Keep your eyes peeled for installations, art exhibitions and workshops.

  1. Get snacking at the Food Market

After you’ve perused the magnificent goods at the Watershed, you will have no doubt worked up an appetite. Your hunger will be greatly rewarded by the much-loved Food Market. This chic, brick building houses anything you could desire including ice cream cookies, all vegan pizzas, cakes and desserts, gourmet burgers, tacos and more. Once you’ve eaten your fill, make sure you grab a snack for home like biltong, freshly baked breads and pastries or jars of delicious preserves, spreads and condiments.

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3. Visit the Amphitheatre

  The amphitheatre opposite the Ferris wheel is always buzzing with live events when you’re keen to have a seat and be entertained. Depending on the day, you can expect to see jazz performances, local African music and even dancers and magicians. 

4. Be enchanted by the Two Oceans Aquarium

The winner of a Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award last year, the Two Oceans Aquarium continues to be more than just a “trip to see the fish.” This wonderful attraction hosts fabulous events (including a family sleepover), eco safaris, penguin shows and diving excursions. The aquarium, which is also part of several marine conservation and research initiatives, is home to many beloved sea creatures including clownfish, turtles and rays as well as the mighty ragged tooth shark.

A message to #CapeTown Between April and June every year, juvenile and hatchling loggerhead #turtles wash up onto #beaches in and around Cape Town. #SeaTurtles are temperate water #animals and when they are washed up on #WesternCape beaches they are often suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and possibly infection. **What to do if you spot a stranded turtle** – Remove the turtle from the beach – Keep it dry and at room temperature – DO NOT place the turtle in water – Place the turtle in a container that has ample air holes – Contact the Aquarium on 021 418 3823 – Make a note of exactly where the turtle was found We will take in any stranded turtles found in the Western Cape. For areas further afield, please call your nearest aquarium or rehabilitation centre. We rehabilitate the stranded turtles until they are strong and healthy. They are then sent to uShaka Sea World in Durban where they are released into the warmer waters off the KwaZulu-Natal coast. #lovecapetown #turtlerescue #meetsouthafrica #southafrica #2oceansaquarium #turtlesofinstagram #twooceansaquarium #2oceansturtles #turtlerelease #babyturtle #loggerheadturtle #animalrescue A photo posted by Two Oceans Aquarium (@2oceansaquarium) on

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  1. Take a cruise along the bay

Located conveniently at the Waterfront harbour, Tigger 2 provides you with a variety of options, including a scenic sunset cruise to a cruise and full lunch aboard the boat. Allow yourself to be treated to the glorious views of the Waterfront, the expanse of Table Bay and the magical mountains that rise above it while sipping on a glass of the finest MCC. A perfect end to your V&A-centric day!


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