10 Things You Could Be Saving On

With some things, you can’t get away with spending less, and by “buying cheap,” you’re actually spending more money in the long run. However, there are a few items where most consumers are being grossly overcharged, and where you could certainly be saving.



The world of technology is changing and improving at a blistering pace, and practically every year a new, ground-breaking device or theory is uncovered. The problem with that is that people expect you to pay premium prices for the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet. Often, though, the change between last year’s device and this year’s one is basically just the name version, and the price tag. Get the previous model by buying it second-hand off someone who’s on the new-technology gravy train, and you’ll more often than not get a barely-used, almost brand new device.

Select kitchen appliances

Dreaming of a brand name appliance? Many people will buy a brand new kitchen appliance (like a blender or a juicer), use it a few times and then lose interest. You can find off-the-shelf items for sale second-hand for a fraction of what they cost the first time around, for the same level of quality.


Cars are absolutely notorious for depreciating quickly – the value of a new car does a bomb-dive the second you drive it off the stand. The trick to getting a great car for less is buying one second-hand that is less than 5 years old, and has done less than 20 000km per year.

Brand names

Brand name clothing is a big one – go to the factory shop outlet for your brand and you can score the same look for much less, just by cutting out the retail middleman.

Branded pharmaceuticals


With winter around the corner, you can also save on medicine by asking your pharmacist for generic alternatives. It’s exactly the same medicine, just without the price of a brand name.

Home expenses

Your heaters, stove, electricity and water really do add up to a pretty penny. The solution really is very simple. Close the curtains in winter, use blankets to warm up instead of heaters, and cuddle a buddy. Generally, you can save a lot by turning off the tap when you don’t need it and switching off lights when leaving a room.

Contracts & Subscriptions

By buying a device rather than getting it on contract, you’re saving yourself a lot of money. Say, for example, a device is worth R5000 new, and you get it on a contract of R300 per month for 24 months. By the time you have finished your contract, you have paid R7200. By buying the same device second-hand a little later, you save on the interest of the contract, and also get the device for cheaper. The same goes for any other contract purchase – you almost always spend more than by paying with cash.

Have people come over instead of going out

By hosting a dinner party at home, where you cook or your guests bring food, you’ll save at least half of what you’d have paid at a restaurant (especially regarding drinks and extras, which tally up to quite a bit). There’s no need for it to be boring at home, either. You can really throw a great event at home without too much effort.

Pre-prepared Food

The general rule about food is: the more work that was put into it, the more expensive it becomes. Pre-packed, sliced or cooked meals are almost always more expensive. Pack your lunches at home if you can, and avoid prepared foods. A “cheap meal” every day can be quite expensive in the long run.


Look for non-branded batteries rather than big name brands, as they’re often half the price. Rechargeable batteries are even better, as you can use them many more times.

Movies (& popcorn)

This is probably the biggest unnecessary spend of them all. Get around expensive movies by watching them a little later on TV at home, and making popcorn in your own microwave. Movie snacks have a nasty reputation for being unnecessarily expensive, and it’s true.


Buy smart, not expensive, and you’ll have a little more disposable income to get the services and products you and your family need. For a whole lot of almost-new products at an affordable price, visit the Cash Crusaders website, and get what you want and need for less.


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